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About the Retro Box

The Retro Box is a custom built gaming console that allows you to play all of your favorite games from the good old days. It includes games from over 25 different consoles including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Game Boy, Atari and much more!

(Click HERE to see the full list of systems)

The console has a fully customization home screen and includes album art and descriptions of every game. The console comes with 2x SNSE USB controllers but also has built-in WiFi & Bluetooth to allow you to pair wireless controllers (sold separately). The unit connects to your TV via HDMI cable.

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3 Models

** All 3 models have the same number of games **

Nespi Case.png
NES Case
Nespi Case SNES.png
Clear Case.png
Naked Case
Special Features
Here are some of the key features

Customizable Home Screen

You have the ability to change the theme of your home screen

Custom Screen.JPG
Custom Favourite Screen.JPG

Built-In KODI

Use KODI to watch movies and tv shows from a USB device or stream from the internet


Instant Rewind

Rewind during your game play to avoid dying and pass those levels that you couldn't do as a child

(Yes it's cheating but it's fun) 

Special Features

Custom Favourites Screen

Add all of your favourite games to one menu

99 Save Slots Per Game

You can now save your game and come back to it on another day without having to leave the system on

Lis of Consoles
List of Consoles
  1. Commodore Amiga 1200

  2. Atari 2600

  3. Atari 7800

  4. Coleco Vision

  5. Family Computer Disk System

  6. Game Gear

  7. Game Boy

  8. Game Boy Advanced

  9. Game Boy Color

  10. Game & Watch

  11. Lynx

  12. Sega Master System

  13. Sega Mega Drive

  14. MSX

  15. Nintendo 64 (Beta - Requires another controller)

  16. Neo-Geo

  17. Nintendo

  18. Neogeo Pocket

  19. Neogeo Pocket Color

  20. PC Engine

  21. Playstation (Beta - Requires another controller)

  22. Megadrive 32X

  23. Sega SG-1000

  24. Super Nintendo

  25. Super GraFX

  26. Vectrex

  27. Virtual Boy

  28. WonderSwan

  29. Wonderswan Color

Nespi Case.png
Nespi Case SNES.png
Clear Case.png
  • Power & reset button
  • More durable
  • Integrated fan
  • Uses HDMI to connect to TV
  • Looks like a mini Nintendo console
  • Power & reset button
  • More durable
  • Integrated fan
  • Uses HDMI to connect to TV
  • Looks like a mini Super Nintendo console
  • Power button on AC adaptor
  • Exposed fan
  • Uses HDMI to connect to TV
  • Clear case allowing you to see the components
All consoles come with 2x SNES USB Controllers
USB Controllers.png
  • Do the consoles come with all of the games?

    • Yes they both come preloaded with over 8000 games​

  • How many consoles are included?​

  • Can you pair wireless controllers? ​

    • Yes the units have built in Bluetooth adapters that allow you to pair PS3 or other Bluetooth enabled controllers. 

  • How long are the wires on the controllers?​

    • The cable length is 5 feet however you can purchase USB Extension cables on Amazon.​​

  • Where can I find a good wireless controller that is compatible?​

    • There is a company called 8BitDo that make some pretty cool wireless controllers that work really well. ​

  • Are these units meant for kids or adults?​

    • They are definitely made for both however you need to remember that these units are essentially computers and need to be shutdown properly and handled with care. ​​


Order Form
Payments can be made by e-transfer
Units take a few days to assemble

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